Do We Need to Serve Notice to Both Owner and Tenants?

by: The Party Wall Surveyor


We are planning an extension to our house and the side wall of the extension will lie on the border between our property and the property next door.  We believe we need to service party wall notice for this. 

The owners of the house next door will soon be moving out and tenants moving in.  Do we need to serve notice to both owner and tenants?


Notice only need be served on Freeholders and tenants with long leases. That wouldn’t include a normal residential tenancy which would be on a Shorthold Tenancy Agreement. I’d recommend that you get your neighbour’s forwarding address before they leave so that you can send the notice straight to them. You may also want to give them some details of the proposals as early as you can as if they feel that they are being kept informed they will be more likely to consent – or failing that concur with you in the appointment of a single surveyor.