Third Surveyor

Question I am in dispute at the moment with my Surveyor and the building owners Surveyor over final inspection costs.  The building owners Surveyor referenced a Counsels opinion and stated there was no requirement for a final inspection allowance to check the works as the works were deep excavation including a demolition of ... Read more >>

Question We had started to work on a party wall agreement with our neighbour, as it appeared that we would be digging foundations for a new single storey extension deeper than current building foundations. We would be within 3 metres of the neighbours house. However, we found that the soil conditions were so poor that we would have to go down ... Read more >>

Question I went through the correct channels and served a Party Wall Award.  We started work on a small extension, which was externally finished within a few weeks. Nine months later the surveyor that was acting on behalf of the neighbour wrote to see if they were satisfied and low and behold the neighbour decided that we had damaged their ... Read more >>

Question September 2009 for Party Wall works our neighbour/Building Owner wishes to carry out.  The Award states that upon signing of the Award the Building Owner shall pay the Adjoining Owners' Surveyor's fee, however to date this has not been paid. Last week, on 8th July 2010, the Building Owner commenced digging the foundations for multiple ... Read more >>

Question We live in a terraced property and have been trying unsuccessfully, for over 13 months, to recover repair costs from our adjoining neighbour who started building work unlawfully and caused damage to the party wall in the process. After much pressure and dispute, the necessary Planning Permission and Party Wall notification were ... Read more >>

Question Back in July last year we served notice (via our surveyor) to our neighbour with regards to the rebuilding & extension of a party wall.  They immediately dissented and appointed their own surveyor.  Various meetings, discussions and communications were had, primarily concerning insuring our neighbour against loss of business (he ... Read more >>

Question My neighbour has recently completed major renovations to his terraced house.  The works carried out have caused significant damage to my property, mainly in the form of large cracks that have appeared in the joining wall between our houses.  It has been agreed by my neighbour and the party wall surveyor that my neighbour is liable and ... Read more >>

Question We are intending to build a single storey rear extension and loft dormer conversion at the rear of our property, which would go from boundary to boundary (we are in a mid-terrace property).  The neighbours one side have signed the party wall letter, and have not been concerned about the work we will be carrying out.  On the other side, ... Read more >>

Question On the recommendation of our surveyor, the adjoining owner appointed a surveyor. Prior to the issuance of the Award, we have received an invoice from the other surveyor which is in excess or the fee our surveyor is charging and we believe that it is excessive. My query is whether the Award can be made notwithstanding that the adjoining ... Read more >>

Question I'm hoping you can advise us on the next steps in our dispute with the next door neighbours as the solicitors involved seemed to be milking us all without any intention of closing the issue down.  Despite having a planning permission to demolish our house, we came to a halt 3 and a half months ago as our next door neighbour took us to ... Read more >>