How Much of my Proposed Work is Covered by The Party Wall Act?

by: The Party Wall Surveyor


I know that my neighbours are going to be as disruptive as possible when it comes to the party wall so I have two questions:

  1. Does the agreement stand for all of the works from start to finish i.e. bathrooms, first & second fix or just the work that is to be carried out on the party wall i.e. putting the steal beam into the wall.
  2. To avoid the whole party wall act altogether I could put a steal beam running along the party wall but attach it to my outside walls and internal wall which are all weight bearing. I would then place the beam that needs to be attached to the party wall on the steal beam instead. This means that I would not have to touch the party wall. Would this be ok or would I still need to get an agreement signed. I know that this would cost me more money but I know that my neighbours will make it expensive for me anyway, this way there’s no arguing.


Only the work which is notifiable would be covered by the award – that wouldn’t include bathrooms, first & second fix etc
As long as you do not cut in to, or place any additional load on, the party wall the placing of the beams will not be notifiable so no agreement will be necessary.
Your neighbours won’t have any control over the costs involved in preparing an agreement – you are only responsible for their surveyor’s ‘reasonable’ fees and there are mechanisms within the Act to test what is reasonable.