Does The Party Wall Act Cover Demolition?

by: The Party Wall Surveyor


I am intending to demolish an existing building, which is built tight up to an adjacent building. I believe that there may be a flashing between the 2 buildings. The 2 buildings are predominately independent of each other with the exception of the front elevation brickwork being toothed together.

Will I need to issue a notice to my neighbour if so under what section. Also does the PWA cover demolition?


The demolition of a wall built tight against the wall of an adjacent building would not in itself be notifiable. That would change if the wall of the adjacent building was a party wall and was being exposed to the elements (section 2(2)(n)).

It is unusual to have the brickwork of 2 independent buildings toothed together – that section of the wall may now be deemed to be ‘party’ meaning that you could not cut away half of it without serving notice.

The removal of the flashing would not be notifiable although you would be obliged to make good the wall afterwards.