My Neighbour Raised Their Garden Wall – Do I Have a Right to Complain?

by: The Party Wall Surveyor


My neighbour raised their garden and have built a wall. No letter was given to me advising me what they were doing. I asked what their plan was & was told they would render the breeze blocked wall after it was built. This has not been done.

The neighbour to the right of them as well as me have been left with ugly unfinished walls. The wall was built about 5 years ago. Do I have any right to complain?


It would depend on who owns the wall. If it is a shared wall (what we call a party fence wall) then you should have been notified of any changes but if it is owned by your neighbour they can raise it without your consent or input.

The exception would be if it became a dangerous structure or if you lived in a conservation area.

If you have no say over the appearance of the wall your best option may be to screen it off on your side with trellis of similar.