The Adjoining Property Has Been Empty For The Last 6 Years

by: The Party Wall Surveyor


I live in an end of terrace property and we have planning permission for a rear extension. The adjoining terrace property has been unoccupied for the past six years, we believe the property is still owned by the same man who used to live there, as he did go into the house on a couple of occasions in the summer of last year. We have no way of contacting him and are unsure on how to proceed.


You should look up the owner’s contact details on the Land Registry database. Serve the relevant notice on the owner and wait for a reply. If no reply has been received after 14 days the Adjoining Owner will be deemed to have dissented to your notice and must appoint a surveyor – you should write a letter to him explaining that he must do this within 10 days.

If he still remains silent you must appoint a surveyor on his behalf under section 10(4) of the Act. You will also need to appoint a surveyor yourself at that stage and the 2 surveyors will agree and serve an award. You will then be free to commence work.