I’m Worried About my Neighbour’s Extension But He Doesn’t Want to Spend Money on Surveyors

by: The Party Wall Surveyor


My neighbour contacted me to advise he was going to build an extension and wanted my permission to build it on to the wall of my extension.

I get on well with this neighbour and would not want to object for no reason, but how do I know if the planned work would have an adverse affect on my property or not?

I have read a bit about the Party Wall agreement and understand that if I object we would have to employ a surveyor, which he would have to pay for, but my neighbour is reluctant to spend money on a surveyor as he is building the extension himself.

One issue is that the wall of my extension has a vent providing ventillation for my boiler. My neighbour plans to use ducting to take this vent out into a cavity and then up to the roof.

I do not want to object to his plans but feel that i need a professional inspection of his plans to ensure they will not cause me any problems. I have spoken to the Council planning office and Building Controll office but they say it is a civil matter and that any affect to my property is not their concern.


If you are worried about the impact that the work will have on you own property you should dissent and appoint a surveyor – that is why the law is there. To keep the costs down you and your neighbour could agree to use just one surveyor.

If your neighbour’s extension will make use of a wall that you originally paid to build then some compensation would be due to you under Section 11(11) of the Party wall Act. It would be up to the appointed surveyor to work out the amount of that payment.