Can I Attach my Gate to the Re-built Party Fence Wall?

by: The Party Wall Surveyor


We live in a semi, in ex council housing both my house and my neighbours are now privately owned. The plans clearly show the dividing garden wall to be a party wall, adjoined to the wall is one pillar, the original since the house was built with both houses hanging their gates off it.

Our neighbours asked could they build  a new wall I agreed the pillar was never discussed. They knocked the wall and pillar down and took off our drive gate. they have built a new wall which is lovely and i do not object to and a new pillar which is the other side of the boundary line and are telling me i cannot use it and cannot re hang my gate.

there is no room for another pillar.

what rights do i have and would it mean an expensive court case?


Despite the fact that the wall has been re-built it is still a shared wall. As such you have a right to attach your gate to it.