Conservatory Extension to a Terraced Property – Applying the Party Wall Act

by: The Party Wall Surveyor


I have a 1.2 metre lean to built before I moved into my teraced house 16 years ago.  It has a poly carbonate roof and is supported by 2×2 wooden batons.  One side baton is screwed directly into a party wall shared with my neighbour. I now want to knock down the enclosed lean to and build a conversatory, but extend it out by 1.4 metres from the existing lean to giving a total of 2.4 metres for the extension.  Planning permission is not required however would I need to serve a party wall notice as: 

  1. We will need to remove the wooden baton and screw/bolt in a metal bracket to support the conservatory glass roof.
  2. We are extending 1.4 metres from the existing lean to stepped in from a shared fence by 6 inches.  A brick wall will go just below the height of the existing 5 ft fence and the rest will be a side conservatory window.  We have no intention of interferring with the fence.  Foundations will need to be laid as a base for the conservatory.

What sections of the Party Wall Act would be covered by these works?


Attaching the roof support to the party wall will be notifiable under Section 2 of the Party Wall Act and if the new foundations will be deeper than the foundations to the party wall or your neighbours’ property, they will be notifiable under Section 6.