Neighbour’s Loft Extension is Nearing Completion and I am yet to Receive a Party Wall Award

by: The Party Wall Surveyor


My neighbour’s loft extension is nearing completion and to date I have not received a Party Wall Award. During the initial stage of the work a hairline crack appeared in my front room wall and this was shown to the operative who I assume caused the damage. I complained to the person responsible and he had offered to get the paperwork to me.

Recently I reminded him in writing that the PWA was still outstanding.   This morning he put a note through my door saying he would get the builder carrying out the work to sort matters out.  I will decline his offer and inform him that an independent PWA surveyor will be needed at his cost.

Am i right in doing so?


If the work is nearing completion and no notice was served it is too late to deal with this matter under the Party wall Act. If you do not want the builder to make good the damage you should obtain your own estimate for the work and use that as a basis for a settlement.