We live in a Detached Bungalow for which We have Planning Permission to Build a First Floor – Does the Work fall under the Party Wall Act?

by: The Party Wall Surveyor


We live in a detached bungalow for which we have planning permission to build a first floor. I would like to know if the work we are doing fall under the Party Wall Act.
Below is some more information.
Right Side
To the right of the bungalow, there is already an existing ground floor extension, that extends to the boundary with the neighbour but only exists on our land. The neighbour has an alley way here which is approx 1m wide and then his detached house.
Left Side
To the left of the bungalow we have an alley way (approx 1m wide), this joins the left side neighbours alley way (approx 1.5m wide).
Our plan is to raise the roof, by raising the existing outer walls on the left and right of the bungalow and adding a new roof. We will did a test hole to test the existing foundations, however please consider our question under the assumption that no digging is required for any new foundations or strengthening of existing foundations.


If all you are doing is building up the existing side wall of your property then the work does not come within the scope of the Party Wall Act.