We are planning to re-roof some Semi-Detached Properties. Do We Need to Serve Notice?

by: The Party Wall Surveyor


We are working on a scheme and we are re-roofing our properties. They are semi-detached properties with a private properties next door. We are going to use a bonding gutter on the properties. Do we need to issue a Party Wall Notice?


This is one of those jobs that does technically come within the scope of the Act but for which nobody ever serves notice. If the gutter is fixed to the top of the party wall then that would be notifiable under section 2(2)(f) of the Act and removing the roof covering and exposing the party wall is notifiable under section 2(2)(n).

If you choose not to serve notice I would suggest that you at least let the Adjoining Owners know your plans and reassure them that any damage caused will be rectified.   


It looks like I will have to issue the notices then. When you mention if the gutters fixed to the top of the party wall, does that include fixed to a fascia board and soffit?


No, fixing guttering to your own fascia board or soffit would not be notifiable. I was assuming that the bonding gutter you referred to is used at the junction between 2 roof coverings rather than a traditional rainwater gutter which would be fixed to the fascia.