I am selling my House and my Neighbour is Refusing to provide me a copy of the ‘Party Wall Agreement’. Do I need this to Sell the House?

by: The Party Wall Surveyor


My neighbour is refusing to supply a copy of a ‘Party Wall Agreement”. In the beginning I complained that I did not want my neighbour to build his extension I then found it was a permitted development extension. Upon hearing that I had no ability to stop him I gave up.  He then sent me a copy of the party wall agreement after getting it sorted out by surveyors and had everything drawn up and in place. He went ahead with the work. Now I want to sell the terrace house I find I need a copy of this agreement and the only one is with the neighbour who years later is still upset an refuses to supply me with a photocopy. What can I do to get a copy,  and do I need this to sell the house?


If by ‘Agreement’ you mean an Award produces by appointed surveyor(s) then your should have been served a copy at the time. If you contact the surveyor that you appointed he should still have a copy. If you consented to the works then all there would be is a signed consent form – if that is the case then nobody other than your neighbour will have one if you didn’t keep a copy. I doubt very much  that it will prevent you selling the property.