I am Building a Wall 2 Inches from my Neighbours’ Fence. What Party Wall Notices do I need to serve?

by: The Party Wall Surveyor


If I am building a wall and an extension behind a wooden fence, and the wall is at least 2 inches from the fence. Do I only need to send them a party wall notice in regards to foundations and nothing else?


If your new wall/extension is 2 inches back from the boundary then a Section 1 notice is not required. Notice under Section 6 will be required if you are excavating within 3 metres of an Adjoining Owners’ structure and deeper than the base of its foundations.


I have read something about 6 metres – 45 degree angle appearing in the Party Wall Act what does that relate to?


There is a 6 metre rule (Section 6(1) of the Act) but if you are serving a 3 metre notice you needn’t worry about that.