Can I Demolish a Wall to my House that is entirely on my own Land without serving Notice?

by: The Party Wall Surveyor


We have planning permission to build a side extension onto our property, which is currently approx 80cm away from the 2m high party/boundary wall with our neighbours’ garden.  Their house is then approx 1.5m away from this boundary wall. 

We are still discussing with our neighbours whether to use the party wall or build our own wall (our preference, for ease) for our extension and have a meeting this weekend to agree this with them.  However the builder would like to demolish the wall to our house to get ready to do foundations, and our next door neighbours are on holiday until Friday – is this permitted despite the fact we haven’t agreed on a party wall/adjoining wall as yet?


Demolishing walls that are wholly in your ownership (i.e not party walls or shared boundary wall) is fine so long as they are not connected to the party wall.