Question We are having an extension built and the unattached adjoining neighbour has not consented to the section 6 third party wall notice issued (they are concerned our excavations could aggrevate their historical and now stable subsidence issues). Our foundations are planned to be 1.3 metres deep and will be within 3 metres of our neighbour's ... Read more >>

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QuestionEight years ago my mother bought a house which had planning permission to build a double garage with bedroom above adjoining her house. The previous owners had built the garage but not the first floor bedroom above. The garage has its gable wall built parallel and about a foot away from the blockwork boundary wall between my mothers house ... Read more >>

I have just added an extension to my house which is completely in my part of the property and I made retaining wall, which again is in my boundary and is 1 metre deep and 1/2 metre wide , the adjoining property which is a council house and a tenant has been in it for 2 years.Before starting I asked the council  whether i needed to serve party ... Read more >>

QuestionWe live in a hilly area, and the question concerns a dry stone wall about 30 feet long separating a stretch of unadopted road (at one  level) from a children’s nursery play area at a lower level, some ten feet or so lower down. The road is in need of repair, but since it is unadopted we have had no joy with the local council, and so ... Read more >>

Question I own a flat above a shop and the freeholder (shop owner) has started to build 3 flats inside the building. The builder rang me and said that he needed to get into my flat to reinforce some ceilings and soundproof. I never realised that they were building flats, I thought the work was going ahead for storage for the shop below. I agreed ... Read more >>

QuestionI wonder if you could help me.  Three weeks ago we began work on our garage roof which has been leaking for years.  Our garage is separated from our neighbour’s garage by a party wall.  Unfortunately, I was unaware of the Party Wall Act 1996 and so gave no written notice of our intended works.  Our neighbour however was aware of our ... Read more >>

QuestionI have been advised that we need a full DPC injected as part of refurbishments to a lower ground floor flat in a terraced Victorian property. I have a few questions: Is it necessary for us to serve a notice for these kinds of works?If damp occurs on the other side of the walls in our neighbour's property to what extent are we liable? I ... Read more >>

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QuestionI live in a semi-detached house with a back garden. Next door never had a back garden because 150 years ago a factory was built there. The land has now been sold off, the factory pulled down and a bungalow has been built parallel with the boundary line. This bungalow is within 1.3M of my boundary, is there anything I can do under the party ... Read more >>

QuestionMy neighbour is planning to build a basement, I have been asked to sign a notice of consent for special foundations.  I asked my surveyor the difference between foundations, he stated the only difference is special are stronger and I am at no disadvantage by approving this is my neighbours build.  Is this correct ?  If so why would I ... Read more >>

QuestionI am planning a kitchen extension in my terraced cottage and both of my neighbours have requested a surveyor to draw up a party wall award. I understand that i will have to pay for this.The party wall on one side is my existing kitchen wall and my neighbours have butted up a conservatory against it. This wall will be unchanged but i will ... Read more >>