Question I am the property owner who has carried out the works.  My Architect served the PWA letters before commencement (September 2008).  One side signed and the other went in to "dispute". For the dispute, I verbally agreed to use my neighbour's Architect and to pay his fees.  Once the works commenced, I was sent a "draft" PWA via email ... Read more >>

Question We have planning permission for an extension to our house and the side wall extension will lie on the border between our property and the property next door. Having spoken to the neighbour I thought owned the side access and garden on the party wall boundary, I have found that in fact the side access and garden are communal to many ... Read more >>

Question We have recently had some roof repairs done on a flat roof of a terraced house.  This flat roof shares a parapet wall with our neighbour.    As part of this work our builder (unbeknownst to us) put a bit of leading over the parapet to stop water entering the party wall.    Our neighbour, for aesthetic reasons, wants this ... Read more >>

Question I know that my neighbours are going to be as disruptive as possible when it comes to the party wall so I have two questions: Does the agreement stand for all of the works from start to finish i.e. bathrooms, first & second fix or just the work that is to be carried out on the party wall i.e. putting the steal beam into the ... Read more >>

Question Over two years ago, our downstairs neighbours served a party wall notice on us as they were extending under our flat.  The work finally took place and finished about six months ago.  We did sign a basic party wall agreement and their surveyor came and did an inspection of our bathroom, under which the work was to take place. The work ... Read more >>

Question We are planning an extension to our house and the side wall of the extension will lie on the border between our property and the property next door.  We believe we need to service party wall notice for this.  The owners of the house next door will soon be moving out and tenants moving in.  Do we need to serve notice to both owner and ... Read more >>

Question I live in an old house (Victorian). At some point in the past (before I bought my property) a house was built onto the side of my property, thus changing what was a semi-detached house into a terraced house.  When the house was built onto the side of my property, the builders did not put up an extra wall, they merely used the ... Read more >>

Question Here is the story. We live in a terraced house and the neighbour next door wants to build an extension at the back of his house. At first he said nothing will be on my side of the boundary which is all fine so long he can build what he wants on his land. Now he is saying that as he wants to have the outside wall ending just on the the ... Read more >>

Question We live in a link detached property where our neighbours garage links to the side of our house with a space behind their garage. They have written to us using the party wall act saying that they would like to utilise this space and build a conservatory behind their garage which would mean that one side of the conservatory was one side ... Read more >>

Question We have recently received planning permission from the council to build an extension above our garage and bring the garage forward to allow us to extend the kitchen into the rear. I live in a semi with the garage to the side, this is attached to another house which is the reason we asked him if he would allow us to do the project?  He ... Read more >>