Question My neighbor is in the process of rebuilding/extending his house.  Although we requested it, he has chosen to undertake works without a party wall award. The works do include party wall works e.g. removing chimney breasts, building in beams etc.  No surprises then, we have suffered damages - cracked/loose plaster on the party wall, ... Read more >>

Question We have replaced a garden wall in building a small extension that didn’t come under requirement for planning permission although we sought and received consent from the local authority.  The wall is on the side of an alley to which we have shared access rights and is directly in line with our property.  A neighbour with a property ... Read more >>

Question I live in a terraced house and am currently having a single storey rear extension built. Unfortunately I was unaware about the requirements of a Party Wall agreemant and have ended up in dispute with my neighbour who thinks that my brickwork is on his land.  Due to this I instructed an independant surveyor to look at my extension who ... Read more >>

Question My property was once part of a terraced street and is now the only remaining house. One side of the house had a cavity wall built up but the other side was left as a single leaf wall covered in cement render. My gas pipe and electric cable run along the wall.   Planning permission has been granted to build a detached property right ... Read more >>

Question I am in the process of selling my semi-detached property. I had a conservatory constructed in September 2008, with one of the conservatory walls being the outside wall of my neighbour's house (the party wall in question). We are already attached to this neighbour with our lounge wall and the conservatory is just an extension of this. ... Read more >>

Question My neighbour has knocked down his original extension and is rebuilding it to the same size as ours.  Whilst I was out at work he has removed tiling from our side of our property without asking and has put up plastic sheeting by lifting our roof tiles and putting it underneath them to stop the rain.  I’m not happy with his building ... Read more >>

QuestionI wonder if you could help me.  Three weeks ago we began work on our garage roof which has been leaking for years.  Our garage is separated from our neighbour’s garage by a party wall.  Unfortunately, I was unaware of the Party Wall Act 1996 and so gave no written notice of our intended works.  Our neighbour however was aware of our ... Read more >>

QuestionMy neighbour has started a full renovation of his house including a loft conversation and rear extension. Initially he served me with a notice but did not fully explain the extent of proposed work. The notice mentioned the loft conversion, the extension and apologised for inconvenience.The building owner asked me to sign the notice and ... Read more >>

QuestionI live in a mid terrace and have planning permission to build a single storey extension to increase the size of the kitchen.  The building would be entirely on my property and the foundations would not exceed those of the house.  From a review of the act it would appear that I would have to notify the owner of the adjoining property as ... Read more >>

QuestionIn August of last year, the tenants in a rented property next door to mine, emptied a large paddling pool that was resting on a trampoline. The strength and sustained flow of water pushed over our party wall, destroying plants, hindering access to the garden and and causing irrepairable damage to around 3meters of length of the wall.Very ... Read more >>