Question I purchased an old single storey shop in a conservation area, which adjoined the neighbouring cottage at ground floor level, and came with detailed PP to demolish and replace with a 2 storey 3 bed cottage. PP was granted for the first floor to also adjoin the neighbours cottage and the roof line/ridge to flow together. I have now ... Read more >>

Question We have recently had a new kitchen extension built, however we were not told about the "party wall act". We had all the necessary building permission from the council, and their own guys came round to inspect the work during the required intervals and allowed the work to carry on. At no time was the "party wall act" mentioned to us by ... Read more >>

Question My new neighbour's builders asked if they could use the party garden wall between our properties as the side wall of an extension. I agreed but didn't fully understand their intentions. They added to the height and length of the wall (from 1.8m high to 2.8m high and from 3m long to 3.5m long) while I was ill in bed with swine flu. When I ... Read more >>

Question Our party wall award called for our builder to dig the foundations in 1.5m bays to ensure the stability of the neighbours extension. The builder, annoyingly and without our consent, did not carry out this and dug it all in one go. On the day concrete was poured our surveyor and the building control officer were present and both signed ... Read more >>

Question Wondering if you think the party wall act applies in the following case. I live in a terraced property. The party wall between two pitch roofs at the rear of the property has been damaged by water intrusion over the winter. The covering screed has cracked and is allowing damp to penetrated the underlying wall and roof space below. The ... Read more >>

Question I believe the Party Wall Act states that notices are required if you intend to construct footings within 3 metres of the boundary line and to a depth deeper than that of a neighbouring structure.  While we intend to build within 3 metres (1.6 metres to their back garden wall and 1.9 to their house), I'm not convinced that my footings ... Read more >>

Question I have a little problem.  I have been issued with a court injunction.  I started a rear extension and I issued a simple 3 metre notice to the adjourning owner, and I commenced work.  There was a small party wall which formed a small room on my property and nothing for the neighbour.  As we were digging foundations the small party ... Read more >>

Question I have a property (call it #44). There is a detached brick built garage on the property that 100mm away from its boundary with its neighbour (#42). The nearest part of any building on #42 is 4m+ away. I intend to demolish the garage and enlarge my house with a single story extension. The extension will be further from the boundary ... Read more >>

Question We have had plans etc drawn up for 2 single storey extensions which have been passed and we have the planning permission for.  We issued the neighbours with a 3 metre party wall notice and a copy of the drawings, they are now not signing the notice and are saying they don’t want the side extension there at all!!!! Answer The ... Read more >>

Question I'm hoping you can advise us on the next steps in our dispute with the next door neighbours as the solicitors involved seemed to be milking us all without any intention of closing the issue down.  Despite having a planning permission to demolish our house, we came to a halt 3 and a half months ago as our next door neighbour took us to ... Read more >>