QuestionMy neighbour has started a full renovation of his house including a loft conversation and rear extension. Initially he served me with a notice but did not fully explain the extent of proposed work. The notice mentioned the loft conversion, the extension and apologised for inconvenience.The building owner asked me to sign the notice and ... Read more >>

QuestionTo build a loft conversion for a 1st Floor Flat – do the owners of downstairs need to sign a Party Structure Notice?Also, if they have consented verbally but not signed the notice, and more than 14 days has elapsed since they received it, is there any way they can change their minds or say they now do not consent, or is it now too ... Read more >>

QuestionI live in a mid terrace and have planning permission to build a single storey extension to increase the size of the kitchen.  The building would be entirely on my property and the foundations would not exceed those of the house.  From a review of the act it would appear that I would have to notify the owner of the adjoining property as ... Read more >>

QuestionI currently have a 2.75m extension across the back of my property, attached to this is my neighbours “lean to” which is approx 2m in depth.  I now have planning and building permission to extend my extension out to 4m and to build a single story extension out to 3m on top of this. The single story extension is not on my ... Read more >>

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QuestionI've received a Party Wall notice concerning the insertion of a chemical damp proof course in the adjacent ground floor flat. I'm aware that the property is in a poor condition (it's been occupied by an old lady since the 1940's). There is undoubtedly damp in the external walls but I was surprised that the owners are intending to damp ... Read more >>