Question I have been given planning permission to build a first floor extension on top of an existing flat roofed single story part of my house.  The house is detached, however the existing wall which is part of my kitchen extends up to and runs along the boundary line between me and my neighbour.  On the other side of the boundary is his drive ... Read more >>

Question We were totally unaware that the side element to our extension works required a party wall notice to our neighbour until a friend of hers advised her and us of this this week.  We started on site last Tuesday and are currently excavating to the rear of our property, the area of concern here is a side extension we have yet to start ... Read more >>

Question We live in a semi detached house. At the rear we are divided from next door by a brick wall built by them before we bought the property which forms the external wall of a lean to. This wall has been built on our side of the boundary. The boundary can not be disputed as it is shown as equally dividing the mirrored properties and this wall ... Read more >>

Question I have a semi-detached bungalow and want to build a single storey extension adjacent to an existing extension that my neighbour already has.  I have no way of knowing the depth of my neighbours foundations, so won't know if I need to go lower than his foundations to meet current building regulation requirements, that would then require ... Read more >>

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Question We are planning for work to start on a rear extension to our house within the next few weeks.  We are extending within the limits of permitted development rights (3m out) and the drawings show our wall being within our boundary.  We've got a lawful development certificate and building reg approval. Now however our neighbours ... Read more >>

Question We own a semi detached property which we currently rent out.  Our plans have been approved so we have permission to extend - 120cm along the front, 300cm along the back, and to build over the garage.  We have served party wall act notices to our neighbours - 3m notice to both, line of junction notice to both, and party structure notice ... Read more >>

Question I recently received planning permission to build a rear extension on my terrace house. One of the walls is shared. I have discussed it with my neighbour and they had no issue. However, my neighbours property is owned by the council, so I contacted them to see if they had an issue. They said no. But since that I have had contact from the ... Read more >>

Question We have planning permission for a two story extension along the side of our house - the permission is to build right to the boundry. Our neighbours strongly objected to the plans at the planning meeting (although they had previously told us they had no objections) and are very angry that they have been passed. This extension is of a ... Read more >>

Question Some building works are about to start on a domestic property. The property is semi-detached with a pair of garages attaching the property on the detached side (now making this a linked house). All the houses are built on the same line, so none of the properties extend beyond the other, unless they have done an extension..In this case, ... Read more >>

Question I live in a mid-terrace house, and am looking to knock out the internal wall that separates the sitting and dining rooms. My structural engineer has advised two options. One is that we can replace the wall with an RSJ which will be supported within the party wall. This is the neatest solution, however my neghbours are causing ... Read more >>