Question I believe my neighbours have destabilised my boundary wall by cutting down my ivy hedge from their side. This wall screens my house from theirs. They are building an extention right up to my boundary. Am I eligible for a Party Wall Award & how do I go about it please ? Answer If the foundations to the new extension involve ... Read more >>

Question I am building a single storey extension within 1.0 metres of my Adjoining Owners’ garage. I have served notice and appointed a surveyor. Unfortunately, my neighbour has opted to appoint his own surveyor. I have received a letter form my Adjoining Owners’ surveyor informing me of his fees which are £170.00 per hour plus vat. In my ... Read more >>

Question We live in a semi detached house and our neighbour is having a conservatory build. He did not consult us but we have at the moment a good relationship. We are planning to have a single storey extension built next year and have asked him that he builds his wall up to the junction line so that we can then build our wall and cut into it ... Read more >>

Question We currently live in a three bedroom semi and have adjoining drives with a neighbour. We are considering building an extension on our drive and have mentioned this to our neighbour. (who we do get on with as a rule). Upon explaining the plan he stated to us that he intended to object. Upon speaking to our architect he feels that his ... Read more >>

Question We are having a loft conversion in our semi-detached house for which we have obtained a party wall agreement from our neighbour, but the work of the roof has revealed (we’re not surprised) that the roof parapet between our houses is in a very bad state and needs renewing. This wasn't covered in the original plans and specifications we ... Read more >>

Question We will be building a rear extension in a semi detached house and have informed the adjoining neighbour of our intention and provided plans. We had hoped to extend the line of junction with the adjoining house to maximise the width of the extension however they have stated they are only happy for us to build up to the boundary and not ... Read more >>

Question I have a 3m party wall between my neighbour and me. The wall is leaning over towards my side very badly. It is out of plum by 16 inches from top to bottom and i am very concerned that it is in danger of collapse. I have spoke to my neighbour about the danger. He said he did not want to contribute towards the cost of rebuilding the wall ... Read more >>

Question We live in a semi-detached cottage and the at the rear the kitchen wall on our side includes a party wall between our 7 year old single storey extension and our neighbours downstairs bathroom.   They have planning permission for a part two storey, part one storey extension. The two storey is proposed to be build directly against the ... Read more >>

Question I recently bought a terraced house in London which was in serious need of renovating.  While renovating we also decided to put in a loft conversion.  The house also needed underpinning due to subsidence. I have a couple of questions regarding the Party Wall Award. Firstly and only by chance did i notice this but only my name and the ... Read more >>

Question I built a wall on my land to create a kitchen conservatory extension. My neighbours then decided they would like to have something similar and I agreed to letting them use my wall and it becoming a party wall, and they paid me £1200 as a 50% contribution to the cost of the wall.   Now, 5 years later, the wall is damp and the new owners ... Read more >>