Question If I am building a wall and an extension behind a wooden fence, and the wall is at least 2 inches from the fence. Do I only need to send them a party wall notice in regards to foundations and nothing else? Answer If your new wall/extension is 2 inches back from the boundary then a Section 1 notice is not required. Notice under Section ... Read more >>

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Question My neighbour who is a registered builder has this week started excavations of his drive to provide a side extension to his property. He has not issued a Party Wall act Notice. When approached about the excavations being within less than 1 metre of my property he became very aggressive. The property concerned is a brick garage which was ... Read more >>

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Question My neighbour is building a brick garage on the side of his house and the external wall will be 15cm (fifteen cm) from the boundary line. The plans state that the foundations will go up to the boundary line. The building will create a small alleyway between his and our side walls. There is exactly enough room up to the boundary line on ... Read more >>

Question I am planning to make a side infill extension (pitched roof) to my terraced property. There is a brick wall between the neighbouring property and mine, serving as the boundary wall between us. Obviously for my new extension I will have to break that wall and make a new wall which will be a part of my extension/new room. I know that I ... Read more >>

Question Can you please advise if I can ask my surveyor to include asking my neighbour for the Building Regulations Approval details and the name & insurance details of the builder in the Party Wall Agreement? Answer Most party wall Awards will include a clause stating that the notified work should comply with all statutory requirements, ... Read more >>

Question In relation to the question asked below :   How Far Back From the Line of Junction Should I keep my New Wall to Avoid Serving a Section 1 Notice?   The Question above had existing foundations in place. If you didn't have existing foundations in place, how could you go about extension design to avoid having to serve notice.  e.g. ... Read more >>

Question I moved into my property several years ago and only noticed a couple of years ago that the adjoining wall (at the front)  to our properties has been built on my side of the boundary. The neighbour said it was difficult to dig the concrete out when they were laying the drive and the owner of my house at the time had agreed to the wall ... Read more >>

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Question Please can you let me know under which circumstances a SOC must be undertaken by a residential party wall surveyor?  Is it in fact a requirement? Answer It is not mandatory to have a schedule of condition attached to a Party Wall Award although it is considered to be good practice. The only scenario in which it would not be is if the ... Read more >>

Question My neighbour is refusing to supply a copy of a 'Party Wall Agreement". In the beginning I complained that I did not want my neighbour to build his extension I then found it was a permitted development extension. Upon hearing that I had no ability to stop him I gave up.  He then sent me a copy of the party wall agreement after ... Read more >>

Question Following a party wall dispute and after exchanging some correspondence with the Adjoining Owner’s surveyor, I decided not to proceed with the notifiable works. However, the said surveyor then sent me an invoice for the work he had accomplished for the surveyor.   I have been advised by my own party wall surveyor that the Building ... Read more >>