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Question I signed a party wall agreement allowing my neighbour to carry out a loft conversion and put in 3 steels.  What I did not know is that the wall in the loft is single skin. The properties are terraced with a cavity wall to ground and first floor (which is a skin of bricks his side and a skin my side), however once you get into the roof ... Read more >>

Question My neighbour has consented to a party wall astride the boundary to enable us to construct a garden extension.  The wall will be a standard brick outer leaf, 100 mm insulated cavity with a block inner leaf. Is there a recognised specification on how far over the boundary the party wall should be built?  Specifically, should the ... Read more >>

Question I live in a converted house with a ground floor flat (which I own) and 1st floor flat (owned by my neighbour). We both own a share of the freehold. I would like to remove a chimney breast inside of my flat which lies on the Party Wall. The house next door is also a converted house. My next door neighbours own their flats but are ... Read more >>

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Question We are building a single storey extension on the back of a mid terrace property and the work involves taking down the existing extension. One neighbour, who is the landlord of next door, has taken some photographs of the inside and outside of his property as a "statement of condition of the party walls and buildings prior to the ... Read more >>

Question Are there any rights to install piled foundations (circa 6m deep) on the party line (the existing garden wall is to be knocked down and rebuilt as part of the extension). In order to ensure the build runs smoother and we maintain a relationship with our neighbours we have compromised on design (will need amendment back into planning).  ... Read more >>

Question We bought a terraced cottage with planning permission for a single and two storey extension in November and immediately issued a Party Wall Notice to the neighbours on either side. One side replied immediately, and said they were happy with the proposed plans but would like to appoint their own surveyor. I agreed to this, and finally ... Read more >>

Question We currently live in an Edwardian detached flat - we occupy the upstairs and the stairway - the neighbours occupy the downstairs flat.   We are building a new 1 bed separate flat in the loft space. The only impact we think this will have is a stairwell being put in - which would lay on our floor (does this need party wall notice?) and ... Read more >>

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Question Our neighbours have already started work on a side extension (single storey), foundations have been laid. The foundations come very close to/abut the boundary line. This is approx. 1.4m from the side of our house. We received notification that building was due to start the day before the builders arrived. We have not received any ... Read more >>

Question I have issued my neighbour with two Party Wall Notices for my planned single story kitchen extension which is  2.5 metres away from my neighbour's property, first notice giving one months notice under section 1 - building up to the boundary line and second notice under section 6 excavating within 3 metres of a neighbouring building, as ... Read more >>

Question We live in a terraced house. The houses either side of us have been divided into two flats each, with the freeholds being owned by a housing association. In this situation, do we need 4 party wall agreements to be drawn up because there are 4 properties, or only 2 because there are only 2 freeholds - or even only 1 because there is only ... Read more >>

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