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Question In relation to the question asked below :   How Far Back From the Line of Junction Should I keep my New Wall to Avoid Serving a Section 1 Notice?   The Question above had existing foundations in place. If you didn't have existing foundations in place, how could you go about extension design to avoid having to serve notice.  e.g. ... Read more >>

Question I moved into my property several years ago and only noticed a couple of years ago that the adjoining wall (at the front)  to our properties has been built on my side of the boundary. The neighbour said it was difficult to dig the concrete out when they were laying the drive and the owner of my house at the time had agreed to the wall ... Read more >>

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Question Please can you let me know under which circumstances a SOC must be undertaken by a residential party wall surveyor?  Is it in fact a requirement? Answer It is not mandatory to have a schedule of condition attached to a Party Wall Award although it is considered to be good practice. The only scenario in which it would not be is if the ... Read more >>

Question My neighbour is refusing to supply a copy of a 'Party Wall Agreement". In the beginning I complained that I did not want my neighbour to build his extension I then found it was a permitted development extension. Upon hearing that I had no ability to stop him I gave up.  He then sent me a copy of the party wall agreement after ... Read more >>

Question Following a party wall dispute and after exchanging some correspondence with the Adjoining Owner’s surveyor, I decided not to proceed with the notifiable works. However, the said surveyor then sent me an invoice for the work he had accomplished for the surveyor.   I have been advised by my own party wall surveyor that the Building ... Read more >>

Question My garden and my neighbours garden is separated by a fence. We are intending to build the wall of our new extension alongside this fence, entirely on our land, without removing the fence. On the neighbours side of the fence, there is garden (not buildings). What section of the Act is applicable? Answer You will need to issue a Line of ... Read more >>

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Question I am planning on restoring, underpinning re-pointing and rebuilding defective brickwork of my detached out building .   I issued my neighbour with a party wall notice and we  received a letter back asking what the party wall notice meant even though we had enclosed a cover letter explaining. We replied with a letter describing the ... Read more >>

Question Our neighbour at the rear of our garden is building a single storey structure 82cm behind the garden next to ours.  The rainwater downpipe will be situated approx 85cm immediately behind the boundary between ourselves and our next door neighbour.  There is a 100 year old brick wall running along the rear of our garden and that of our ... Read more >>

Question I live in and own an end-of-terrace mews house in central London. I have a party wall with one next-door neighbour but my rear wall is entirely on my property and there has been nothing but a tiny garden there until recently. Is my rear wall a party wall or not? It is entirely on my own freehold, is part of the structure of my house and ... Read more >>

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Question We are working on a scheme and we are re-roofing our properties. They are semi-detached properties with a private properties next door. We are going to use a bonding gutter on the properties. Do we need to issue a Party Wall Notice? Answer  This is one of those jobs that does technically come within the scope of the Act but for which ... Read more >>

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