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Question I am planning to demolish an internal partition wall which entails excavating lower than foundation level within 3 metres from the party wall, hence we fall under the Party Wall Act and we have issued notices. We are Leaseholders and our Freeholder required a surveyor; we have then accepted his surveyor as agreed surveyor with the aim to ... Read more >>

Question I am about to serve a Party Wall Notice on my neighbour before beginning work on a rear extension which is within the permitted development rules and does not require planning permission.   I have already discussed this with my neighbour who tells me that he will do everything possible to delay the building work and if possible stop it ... Read more >>

Question Three years ago the owner of the house next door drilled through the party wall without giving me notice under the Party Wall etc Act 1996.  He agreed to pay for the damage, but would not agree to stop further drilling into the wall. He stated he was inserting metal rods into the party wall to 'tie' my house to his in case my house ... Read more >>

Question I live in a terraced house. There is a party wall at single storey level and not at first floor level (at the back). My 1st floor extension wall is on my side entirely and my ground floor extension is against the ground floor party wall which his single storey extension is built against . This historically is because the adjoining ... Read more >>

Question I have a semi attached house and need to extend the kitchen out from the back by 3 metres. The adjoining house has no issues but the house that is not connected to mine has delayed the build from day one. Now that the council has approved the plans he has got himself a party wall surveyor. As the gap is over 30 inches away is this ... Read more >>

Question Whilst we were on holiday our neighbours took down the fence between our two properties and have built a full height wall as part of their conservatory which they have also put up themselves.  The wall which is now their inside wall of the conservatory is 6” over onto our property. Is this a Party Wall matter? Answer If the new wall ... Read more >>

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Question My neighbour decided to remove his front garden and  build a retaining wall against mine; his idea was to make a hard-standing for his car. Our respective gardens onto the road being around 1 metre above the pavement: the gardens are high relative to the road as the 1907 terrace is built into a hill. The front gardens are not of the ... Read more >>

Question I have bought a semi-detached Victorian house which needs some refurbishment work done to it and I would like to add a loft room. Therefore to do this I will need to put steels into the party wall and it is my understanding that I need to inform my neighbour that this is happening by sending them a party wall agreement letter. I also ... Read more >>

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Question I have a planning application now approved for building a single story extension to the back of my house.  The extension is 3.3 metres deep and runs across whole width of my house at the back but stops around 10 cm from the line of junction.  Does it mean that this does not fall under Party Wall etc. Act now because I am not building ... Read more >>

Question My parents have had building work next door and the developer seems to be taking advantage. Next door are starting works  and several inches of the garage have been affected. Should a Party Wall Agreement have been made initially - do garages count? As they have damaged the wall what is the best course of action - is this ... Read more >>