Question Our property is a purpose built 1st floor maisonette with a remaining lease of about 70 years. About three years ago, our freeholder, who also owned the downstairs maisonette, had the downstairs renovated in order to sell.  As part of the renovations he had the supporting party wall in the kitchen removed.  We were given no notice of ... Read more >>

Question My next door neighbours have submitted a planning application for a single storey rear extension along the full width of their property.  We live in terraced ex-council houses; mine is the end of terrace, theirs is in the middle.  They want to use my side access to bring equipment and materials through.  I have no objections to the ... Read more >>

Question I have received notice for excavation and building work under section 6 of the Party Wall Act 1996 from our neighbours. Under the Act I have the right as an  'Adjoining Owner' to be compensated for any loss or damage caused by relevant works. If damage appears on my property after the original 'Building Owner' moves on (i.e sells the ... Read more >>

Question If I as a building owner obtain an award from a surveyor against the adjoining owner under the Party Wall Act for him to pay the costs of repairs to a party wall (necessitated by him undermining the wall structure) and the adjoining owner  subsequently sells the land , do I pursue the award with the old owner or does the liability pass ... Read more >>

Question  I have a semi-detached property of which the adjoining property is and has been derelict for some 25 years. The owners have been in family dispute for some time.  I have over the years improved and developed my property, whilst always ensuring the correct procedures  i.e. party wall notices etc.  I have extended the front of my ... Read more >>

Question My neighbour tells me they want to build a conservatory which will be across the whole width of their house and length of our existing extension. They propose to use our extension wall as one side wall - plastering their side. What would be the implications of allowing them to do this?  Their builder has suggested they need to get ... Read more >>

Question My neighbour has received planning permission to erect an extension to his property.  He intends to build his extension on the junction line. We have a wall (wholly on our side of our property and which is our kitchen wall) which also sits on the junction line.  He originally intended to incorporate our wall into his extension but has ... Read more >>

Question As next door has already started building, we have had a good relationship and he showed me the plan and took me through the high's that i agreed on, thus not objecting to the plans, now a wall has gone up 3ft above the agreed height that is already 7ft high from ground level. I called the planning officer who said that was on his ... Read more >>

Question About 20 years ago, our then neighbours and us decided to build adjoining garages between our properties which the middle of the garages are on the boundary line.  Also at that time we decided to go for planning permission (and gained) for an extension above our garage.  We understand that the garages share a party wall,  but does the ... Read more >>

Question My neighbour contacted me to advise he was going to build an extension and wanted my permission to build it on to the wall of my extension. I get on well with this neighbour and would not want to object for no reason, but how do I know if the planned work would have an adverse affect on my property or not? I have read a bit about the ... Read more >>