Question Firstly thank you very much for providing this site, it has proved invaluable over the somewhat turbulent process of sorting out my party walls! I'm now at the end of my development and everything seems to have gone well except one slight issue with one of my adjoining neighbours. I recently added a loft extension to my terraced house ... Read more >>

Question Could you advise me what sort of qualifications a party wall surveyor should have? We are "in dispute" with our neighbour but have said we would accept the appointment of an agreed party wall surveyor. My neighbour's builder has suggested the appointment of a local man who called at the house and offered his services. His business card ... Read more >>

Question We have recently had a new kitchen extension built, however we were not told about the "party wall act". We had all the necessary building permission from the council, and their own guys came round to inspect the work during the required intervals and allowed the work to carry on. At no time was the "party wall act" mentioned to us by ... Read more >>

Question My neighbour is building a single story extension down the side of their house and coming off the boundary wall which is ours? They drafted a letter asking us to sign, stating certain things but under advise i was told to insist on a Party wall agreement that will cover both sides and that they were liable for the cost. So reluctantly I ... Read more >>

Question We recently had our loft extended and during the works our neighbours complained  that apparently due to the works the soot in their chimney fell down into their living room and caused damage to their furniture. I would like to know would we be liable for the damages - they're claiming £7000 from their home insurance! Does having a ... Read more >>

Question I was served a party wall notice and consented to my neighbour's works which included building at the line of junction. The works commenced in Oct 09, and remain incomplete at this time. I have suffered inconvenience for the whole of this period which has meant that I am unable to park on my own driveway or access my back garden through ... Read more >>

Question We are set to build an extension and side return and hope to use our neighbour's wall. We have a party wall agreement with them from when they built their extension a few years ago but the wall is not on the boundary line, it is all within their land - back then we declined their request for the wall to sit on the boundary because we ... Read more >>

QuestionTo build a loft conversion for a 1st Floor Flat – do the owners of downstairs need to sign a Party Structure Notice?Also, if they have consented verbally but not signed the notice, and more than 14 days has elapsed since they received it, is there any way they can change their minds or say they now do not consent, or is it now too ... Read more >>