Rights of Owners

Question We are considering putting an offer in for a house. We would need to put in a side kitchen extension, and wouldn't really want the house unless we could do this. What happens if the neighbour refuses to give his consent because he will lose light on his property? What are the odds of not being able to do so? Answer If the Adjoining ... Read more >>

Question After entering into a dispute with a neighbor (because they did not respond within the time period) my surveyor appointed another surveyor in his own practice to act on their behalf in the party wall process. We have shown all details of a draft party award to the neighbours but if finalized (and the award is made) they are now ... Read more >>

Question I live in a middle terraced house, and have recently had a conservatory erected. I informed my neighbours more than 2 months prior of my intentions of the conservatory. I removed part of our party wall and replaced it with a half brick wall as part of the conservatory and footings. I also told her again a week before the building work ... Read more >>

Question I have appointed a surveyor to deal with the party wall act on my behalf but I am not confident he is enforcing it in the right way.   The 1st 14 day notice was sent to the neighbours to which they did not respond, a second letter was sent giving them 10 days to appoint a surveyor as it was deemed a dispute had arisen due to them not ... Read more >>

Question We have had plans etc drawn up for 2 single storey extensions which have been passed and we have the planning permission for.  We issued the neighbours with a 3 metre party wall notice and a copy of the drawings, they are now not signing the notice and are saying they don’t want the side extension there at all!!!! Answer The ... Read more >>

Question My neighbour has planning permission for a double storey side extension. I am concerned about the extension for various reasons including movement that might be caused underneath my property by the work. We live off a busy main road and get lots of vibration from the traffic, especially when heavy lorries go past. I believe the vibration ... Read more >>

Question I'm hoping you can advise us on the next steps in our dispute with the next door neighbours as the solicitors involved seemed to be milking us all without any intention of closing the issue down.  Despite having a planning permission to demolish our house, we came to a halt 3 and a half months ago as our next door neighbour took us to ... Read more >>

Question We live in a terraced house and the neighbour next door wants to build an extension at the back of his house. At first he said nothing will be on my side of the boundary which is all fine so long he can build what he wants on his land. Now he is saying that as he wants to have the outside wall ending just on the the boundary line, he is ... Read more >>

Question Our neighbours have been given planning permission for a two storey extension on their detached house next to our detached house.  They will be building at about two metres from our house wall and will certainly be having deeper foundations (ours are about 18 inches) . They want to start work immediately but have not given us any notice ... Read more >>

Question I'm not sure if you are able to help but we find ourselves in a  situation that we are finding hard to get a definitive answer on.  We live within an area that is governed by a private land owner - a charitable estate. We are freeholders but instead of being governed by the council in terms of planning permissions etc. we have to ... Read more >>