Rights of Owners

QuestionI am concerned that my neighbour is planning to lay foundations crossing the boundary with my property and that I have no choice in the matter of workmen entering my property to work on his wall?I can't imagine that he could extend his foundations into my garden, because that would stop me planting flowers or whatever, so I assume that he ... Read more >>

QuestionOur neighbours are halfway through building their extension. Reluctantly, because we like them, we gave permission for some of the work to be done from our side in exchange for an agreement that they will pay for new garden trellis, plants and so on. They have signed an agreement which we drew up between us to pay for this and any other ... Read more >>

QuestionI've received a Party Wall notice concerning the insertion of a chemical damp proof course in the adjacent ground floor flat. I'm aware that the property is in a poor condition (it's been occupied by an old lady since the 1940's). There is undoubtedly damp in the external walls but I was surprised that the owners are intending to damp ... Read more >>