Rights of Owners

Question My neighbour raised their garden and have built a wall. No letter was given to me advising me what they were doing. I asked what their plan was & was told they would render the breeze blocked wall after it was built. This has not been done. The neighbour to the right of them as well as me have been left with ugly unfinished walls. ... Read more >>

Question I have a little problem.  I have been issued with a court injunction.  I started a rear extension and I issued a simple 3 metre notice to the adjourning owner, and I commenced work.  There was a small party wall which formed a small room on my property and nothing for the neighbour.  As we were digging foundations the small party ... Read more >>

Question I do hope that you can help with a problem that is somewhat unusual concerning a property that I own. The house I believe was built around 1886 and  was the second property in an original terrace of 4 houses - therefore a mid terrace. Around 1941 two houses were destroyed by German bombing in the 2nd World War and this left my house as ... Read more >>

Question I’ve got a situation where I want to remove a damaged pitched roof on an out house and replace it with a new one to match existing. The neighbour is awkward. Does the neighbour have any right to prevent me from undertaking this work under the act? Answer I’m assuming from what you say that the wall shown on your sketch is a party ... Read more >>

Question We signed a party wall agreement for my neighbour to build a dormer for his loft conversion. However, the work is now finished and we have realised that the dormer has encroached by about 5 inches over the boundary. Now we want to convert our loft and this encroachment is going to cause us problems. Do we have a right to remove, or to ... Read more >>

Question Our neighbour is having an extension built that does not effect our shared party wall.  A party wall award was prepared and signed and we had no reason to worry  until the builder told us that they had made a 'variation' and now they were going to insert a steel beam into the party wall.  This is a change to the agreed works but we ... Read more >>

Question Our local planning department have just advised me that my neighbour is to build a first floor extension on his garage.  This garage is, I believe part of a party wall as it straddles our joint boundary, although mostly on his land.  We have not received any notification from our neighbour that he wants to carry out the work.  Our ... Read more >>

Question I do have a query regarding a proposed one-storey side rear infill extension to a terraced property.. Is it best to build the side wall of the extension entirely on our side of the boundary line or is it in our interest to build it straddling the boundary line (making it a party structure) so that access for maintenance and construction ... Read more >>

Question I have a property (call it #44). There is a detached brick built garage on the property that 100mm away from its boundary with its neighbour (#42). The nearest part of any building on #42 is 4m+ away. I intend to demolish the garage and enlarge my house with a single story extension. The extension will be further from the boundary ... Read more >>

Question We are intending to build a single storey rear extension and loft dormer conversion at the rear of our property, which would go from boundary to boundary (we are in a mid-terrace property).  The neighbours one side have signed the party wall letter, and have not been concerned about the work we will be carrying out.  On the other side, ... Read more >>