Question We are set to build an extension and side return and hope to use our neighbour's wall. We have a party wall agreement with them from when they built their extension a few years ago but the wall is not on the boundary line, it is all within their land - back then we declined their request for the wall to sit on the boundary because we ... Read more >>

Question I believe the Party Wall Act states that notices are required if you intend to construct footings within 3 metres of the boundary line and to a depth deeper than that of a neighbouring structure.  While we intend to build within 3 metres (1.6 metres to their back garden wall and 1.9 to their house), I'm not convinced that my footings ... Read more >>

Question I'm trying to get a loft conversion sorted as I've got a growing family and am looking to put in place a Party Wall Agreement with the neighbour as I need to put scaffolding up from the back yard of their attached property onto a shared wall (they've inherited the house, don't live there, but will be looking to put it on the market ... Read more >>

Question Hoping for some words of wisdom to set me on the right path of action. We are preparing for a loft conversion to our terrace cottage style building, and have written to both neighbours as required by the party wall act.  One of the adjoining owners has specified that a surveyor be appointed to draft an award, to ensure that we are held ... Read more >>

Question I have a neighbour who carried out extensive party wall works without even verbally informing me that this would happen. When the building inspector finally spoke to me, the work was complete. Do I have any legal redress or could I claim compensation for her failure to follow the correct procedure? Answer There are no penalties for not ... Read more >>

Question Back in July last year we served notice (via our surveyor) to our neighbour with regards to the rebuilding & extension of a party wall.  They immediately dissented and appointed their own surveyor.  Various meetings, discussions and communications were had, primarily concerning insuring our neighbour against loss of business (he ... Read more >>

Question I have a problem, which I hope you can resolve. The registered owner of the house next door has been dead for over 10 years. The house is still registered in his name, for some reason his wife never put it on her name. Who do I serve the notice to? Answer As there is some confusion of ownership I recommend that you follow the ... Read more >>

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Question My neighbour has recently completed major renovations to his terraced house.  The works carried out have caused significant damage to my property, mainly in the form of large cracks that have appeared in the joining wall between our houses.  It has been agreed by my neighbour and the party wall surveyor that my neighbour is liable and ... Read more >>

Question My neighbour raised their garden and have built a wall. No letter was given to me advising me what they were doing. I asked what their plan was & was told they would render the breeze blocked wall after it was built. This has not been done. The neighbour to the right of them as well as me have been left with ugly unfinished walls. ... Read more >>

Question I have a little problem.  I have been issued with a court injunction.  I started a rear extension and I issued a simple 3 metre notice to the adjourning owner, and I commenced work.  There was a small party wall which formed a small room on my property and nothing for the neighbour.  As we were digging foundations the small party ... Read more >>