Question We own a victorian house that is has an original stone party fence wall with the adjoining land - this land, some 15 years ago, was developed into 22 flats.  The factors of the flats have written to us to advice that the party wall is 'bulging' and unsafe and needs to be rebuilt at a cost of £18,000 plus VAT   On our inspection the ... Read more >>

Question I have planning permission for a detached double garage that will be located behind our detached house. The new building will be 13 metres from the rear of our house and approximately 9 metres from the rear of our neighbour's house. My neighbour has asked when he will be receiving a party wall notice. He has a garden wall rather than ... Read more >>

Question I am an adjoining owner.  I run a car garage repair workshop from my premises. My neighbour wishes to demolish an external wall which is on his land but abuts my boundary. The existing wall is some 6m high is part garden wall and part external wall of his buildings. He is going to rebuild the wall, still on his land. The wall will ... Read more >>

Question We have an old garage next door and have just had a notice of proposed development from the council that the owner wants to knock it down and build a detached three storey house. Fine. We were surprised to get a letter a few days later from a surveying company offering to act on our behalf, almost, but not quite, assuring us that it ... Read more >>

Question I am about to do a single storey rear extension that had planning permission refused as my neighbour contested I have now reduced the size of the extension to fall in line with the 3 metre rule and have a building notice in force. We are going to be using the existing foundations as the building inspectors are happy with them. Does this ... Read more >>

Question My question relates to a party wall that was made of concrete blocks and has fallen down after 40 years - their were no footings for the wall and therefore insurance would not pay. Our neighbours who share the party wall live behind and slightly above us. Their garden is about 5 feet higher than ours so now we have a vertical drop with ... Read more >>

Question My neighbour has received planning permission to erect an extension to his property.  He intends to build his extension on the junction line. We have a wall (wholly on our side of our property and which is our kitchen wall) which also sits on the junction line.  He originally intended to incorporate our wall into his extension but has ... Read more >>

Question I am currently planning a side return extension and have served a party wall notice on my neighbour who has evoked her right to appoint a surveyor.  The problem is that the surveyor has begun by sending a “statutory notice and formal request” document. This says: that my neighbour: Does ‘not accept the validity of the purported ... Read more >>

Question Our property is separated from our neighbour by an alleyway about 1meter wide owned by the neighbour. He has applied for planning permission to extend out at first floor level over the alley cantilevering from his side. The extension plans to have just a single skin wall and to use our wall as the second skin needed to comply with ... Read more >>

Question About 20 years ago, our then neighbours and us decided to build adjoining garages between our properties which the middle of the garages are on the boundary line.  Also at that time we decided to go for planning permission (and gained) for an extension above our garage.  We understand that the garages share a party wall,  but does the ... Read more >>