Question I have just bought a terraced house in Bristol. There is a wall running between my garden and my neighbour's garden. The wall extends out of the wall of the (original) extension of their house. This wall then continues as the shared wall between our houses. I understand that the shared wall is definitely a party wall, but does it cease ... Read more >>

Question I would clarify my position in regard to whether I need to serve a notice on the adjoining owner. I have planning permission to build an extension to my kitchen. At the nearest point, my new wall will be one meter from the adjoining owner's building. However, his ground level is 600mm below my ground level. The maximum depth required ... Read more >>

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Question We want to extend an existing sun room building  by building a 3m x 4m extension.  We want to build this as close to the party wall as possible.  Unfortunately, the property next door has just been sold and purchased by an investor, who is going to spend a month renovating it and then is going to put it back on the market.  He ... Read more >>

Question We have planning permission to extend our garage to the front and side of our property. The single storey side extension will be approximately one metre wide, within our boundary but approx 1.2 metres from our neighbour’s house.  Both houses are part of an estate built in 1983 and both are piled, as will be the new extension. We are ... Read more >>

Question My next door neighbour door but one is building a garage which comes into contact with my boundary for about 600mm at the very corner (rear) of my back garden, during construction he or his builders have interfered with my fence line which has now left a gap in the fence.  I told him under CDM regs that he had not notified me that he ... Read more >>

Question My neighbour is planning a roof conversion. We live in newly built terraced house (built in 2010).  I received a letter from the council informing of next door neighbour (from mid terrace house)'s application for insertion of dormer windows and lights in relation to a roof conversion. He didn't mention to us personally anything. Our ... Read more >>

Question My son's neighbour is demolishing a chimney breast without telling my son, giving the appropriate notice, or getting Buildings Regulation approval.  If some damage is caused to my son's side of the party wall, would this be considered as accidental damage or malicious damage,  under buildings insurance cover? Answer I would say ... Read more >>

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Question September 2009 for Party Wall works our neighbour/Building Owner wishes to carry out.  The Award states that upon signing of the Award the Building Owner shall pay the Adjoining Owners' Surveyor's fee, however to date this has not been paid. Last week, on 8th July 2010, the Building Owner commenced digging the foundations for multiple ... Read more >>

Question My neighbour verbally informed me he was having some building work done, and said it was a case of a week of floorboards being taken up, followed by some disturbance as the bathroom was renovated and tiles laid. No party wall notice was served. A week into building work my bathroom ceiling leaked through from the overflow pipe from the ... Read more >>

Question We are the leaseholders of a 2 story maisonette in a terraced property composed of 4 storeys. The freeholder is the Local Borough.   We are planning to do some work (demolition of an internal partition wall on the lower ground floor) and the structural engineer suggested to put in a beam to bear the load of the above floor and ... Read more >>

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