Party Wall Awards

Question Back in July last year we served notice (via our surveyor) to our neighbour with regards to the rebuilding & extension of a party wall.  They immediately dissented and appointed their own surveyor.  Various meetings, discussions and communications were had, primarily concerning insuring our neighbour against loss of business (he ... Read more >>

Question My neighbour has recently completed major renovations to his terraced house.  The works carried out have caused significant damage to my property, mainly in the form of large cracks that have appeared in the joining wall between our houses.  It has been agreed by my neighbour and the party wall surveyor that my neighbour is liable and ... Read more >>

Question I understand that Party Wall Agreements are normally based upon a draft document (Method statement/Risk assessment etc), the most popular of which is produced by the RICS. Is there an online resource where I can download this document or something similar? I am carrying out some small alterations to my property and as such require a ... Read more >>

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Question I'm hoping you can advise us on the next steps in our dispute with the next door neighbours as the solicitors involved seemed to be milking us all without any intention of closing the issue down.  Despite having a planning permission to demolish our house, we came to a halt 3 and a half months ago as our next door neighbour took us to ... Read more >>

Question We have reached a rather unfortunate point in our party wall dispute. We are following the requirements of the party-wall act with reference to works we'd like to carry out on the adjoining wall. The work involves removing part of the chimney stack on our side of the wall. A third surveyor is now involved in the dispute. The ... Read more >>

Question I am in the process of selling my semi-detached property. I had a conservatory constructed in September 2008, with one of the conservatory walls being the outside wall of my neighbour's house (the party wall in question). We are already attached to this neighbour with our lounge wall and the conservatory is just an extension of this. ... Read more >>

Question Planning permission has been granted and work has commenced on the detached property adjoining ours. Although we were aware of the planning application and consent, we were not notified that work would commence. The work so far has entailed removing an old extension which formed the boundary between the two properties, and the next stage ... Read more >>

Question My neighbour has knocked down his original extension and is rebuilding it to the same size as ours.  Whilst I was out at work he has removed tiling from our side of our property without asking and has put up plastic sheeting by lifting our roof tiles and putting it underneath them to stop the rain.  I’m not happy with his building ... Read more >>

Question Am I correct in thinking that if a neighbour wishes to appoint their own surveyor and not an ‘agreed surveyor’, then I as the person doing the building work have no choice but to accept this, and the neighbour does not need to give a reason? Of course I seem to have the option to agree to use the same surveyor, although if it is one ... Read more >>

I have just added an extension to my house which is completely in my part of the property and I made retaining wall, which again is in my boundary and is 1 metre deep and 1/2 metre wide , the adjoining property which is a council house and a tenant has been in it for 2 years.Before starting I asked the council  whether i needed to serve party ... Read more >>