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Question My neighbour contacted me to advise he was going to build an extension and wanted my permission to build it on to the wall of my extension. I get on well with this neighbour and would not want to object for no reason, but how do I know if the planned work would have an adverse affect on my property or not? I have read a bit about the ... Read more >>

Question I live in a 3 bedroomed semi-detached property and, unfortunately, need a new roof as due to age and wear and tear, it is unlikely to see me through another winter. As it is a semi-detached property, do I need a party wall agreement? I do, of course, intend to notify my neighbour as a matter of courtesy. However, I wondered if I needed ... Read more >>

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Question We are planning for work to start on a rear extension to our house within the next few weeks.  We are extending within the limits of permitted development rights (3m out) and the drawings show our wall being within our boundary.  We've got a lawful development certificate and building reg approval. Now however our neighbours ... Read more >>

Question Firstly thank you very much for providing this site, it has proved invaluable over the somewhat turbulent process of sorting out my party walls! I'm now at the end of my development and everything seems to have gone well except one slight issue with one of my adjoining neighbours. I recently added a loft extension to my terraced house ... Read more >>

Question I recently received planning permission to build a rear extension on my terrace house. One of the walls is shared. I have discussed it with my neighbour and they had no issue. However, my neighbours property is owned by the council, so I contacted them to see if they had an issue. They said no. But since that I have had contact from the ... Read more >>

Question We have planning permission for a two story extension along the side of our house - the permission is to build right to the boundry. Our neighbours strongly objected to the plans at the planning meeting (although they had previously told us they had no objections) and are very angry that they have been passed. This extension is of a ... Read more >>

Question We are presently in dispute with our neighbour re proposed foundations to a new extension on our property. The Party Wall Notice has been issued and two surveyors are in the process of drawing up the Award which we expect by the end of the week. However our neighbour has rightly pointed out that they have 14 days to appeal against the ... Read more >>

Question We obtained planning and buildings regulation approvals to convert our loft and build a ground floor extension to the rear of our property 4 years ago. In June 2006 we entered into party wall act agreements with both our neighbours as we would be performing works to both sides of our property and to both party walls.  We advised both ... Read more >>

Question Our party wall award called for our builder to dig the foundations in 1.5m bays to ensure the stability of the neighbours extension. The builder, annoyingly and without our consent, did not carry out this and dug it all in one go. On the day concrete was poured our surveyor and the building control officer were present and both signed ... Read more >>

Question Hoping for some words of wisdom to set me on the right path of action. We are preparing for a loft conversion to our terrace cottage style building, and have written to both neighbours as required by the party wall act.  One of the adjoining owners has specified that a surveyor be appointed to draft an award, to ensure that we are held ... Read more >>