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Question I recently bought a terraced house in London which was in serious need of renovating.  While renovating we also decided to put in a loft conversion.  The house also needed underpinning due to subsidence. I have a couple of questions regarding the Party Wall Award. Firstly and only by chance did i notice this but only my name and the ... Read more >>

Question I built a wall on my land to create a kitchen conservatory extension. My neighbours then decided they would like to have something similar and I agreed to letting them use my wall and it becoming a party wall, and they paid me £1200 as a 50% contribution to the cost of the wall.   Now, 5 years later, the wall is damp and the new owners ... Read more >>

Question My next door neighbours have submitted a planning application for a single storey rear extension along the full width of their property.  We live in terraced ex-council houses; mine is the end of terrace, theirs is in the middle.  They want to use my side access to bring equipment and materials through.  I have no objections to the ... Read more >>

Question We want to extend an existing sun room building  by building a 3m x 4m extension.  We want to build this as close to the party wall as possible.  Unfortunately, the property next door has just been sold and purchased by an investor, who is going to spend a month renovating it and then is going to put it back on the market.  He ... Read more >>

Question If I as a building owner obtain an award from a surveyor against the adjoining owner under the Party Wall Act for him to pay the costs of repairs to a party wall (necessitated by him undermining the wall structure) and the adjoining owner  subsequently sells the land , do I pursue the award with the old owner or does the liability pass ... Read more >>

Question September 2009 for Party Wall works our neighbour/Building Owner wishes to carry out.  The Award states that upon signing of the Award the Building Owner shall pay the Adjoining Owners' Surveyor's fee, however to date this has not been paid. Last week, on 8th July 2010, the Building Owner commenced digging the foundations for multiple ... Read more >>

Question My neighbour verbally informed me he was having some building work done, and said it was a case of a week of floorboards being taken up, followed by some disturbance as the bathroom was renovated and tiles laid. No party wall notice was served. A week into building work my bathroom ceiling leaked through from the overflow pipe from the ... Read more >>

Question My neighbour's loft extension is nearing completion and to date I have not received a Party Wall Award. During the initial stage of the work a hairline crack appeared in my front room wall and this was shown to the operative who I assume caused the damage. I complained to the person responsible and he had offered to get the paperwork ... Read more >>

Question Please can you tell me the procedure for making an Appeal over a signed Party Wall Award, including in what court and on what forms. Answer An award can be appealed by either owner within 14 days although as the Building owner is free to commence work as soon as the award has been served anyone intending to appeal should do so without ... Read more >>

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Question We live in a terraced property and have been trying unsuccessfully, for over 13 months, to recover repair costs from our adjoining neighbour who started building work unlawfully and caused damage to the party wall in the process. After much pressure and dispute, the necessary Planning Permission and Party Wall notification were ... Read more >>