Rights of Owners

Question My parents have had building work next door and the developer seems to be taking advantage. Next door are starting works  and several inches of the garage have been affected. Should a Party Wall Agreement have been made initially - do garages count? As they have damaged the wall what is the best course of action - is this ... Read more >>

Question I went through the correct channels and served a Party Wall Award.  We started work on a small extension, which was externally finished within a few weeks. Nine months later the surveyor that was acting on behalf of the neighbour wrote to see if they were satisfied and low and behold the neighbour decided that we had damaged their ... Read more >>

Question We have recently been awarded planning permission to build a two storey extension to the side and rear of our property. During the planning process our neighbours objected to us building up to the boundary (not on the boundary) however this objection was not upheld. On hearing that the planning has been passed our neighbour has ... Read more >>

Question We own a semi-detached house and have planning permission to erect a single storey extension to our narrow kitchen.    We originally applied to build the extension to the boundary but the adjoining neighbours objected as it was close to the boundary.    The neighbours had previously built a single story extension 900mm from the ... Read more >>

Question We are in the process of a buying a house. During the survey stage, it came to light that the owner of the property had previously removed the chimney breasts in the living room and bedroom on the party wall. He then, without permission, attached brackets to the party wall to help support the remaining chimney stack. A structural ... Read more >>

Question I live in a terrace house and was planning on commencing work on a loft conversion in the next 3-4 weeks so have asked my neighbours to sign a party wall agreement.  One of neighbours as refused to sign this. He has not stated any issue with the actual work I plan to carry out, but has told me he wants to extend his kitchen flush up to ... Read more >>

Question I believe my neighbours have destabilised my boundary wall by cutting down my ivy hedge from their side. This wall screens my house from theirs. They are building an extention right up to my boundary. Am I eligible for a Party Wall Award & how do I go about it please ? Answer If the foundations to the new extension involve ... Read more >>

Question We live in a semi detached house and our neighbour is having a conservatory build. He did not consult us but we have at the moment a good relationship. We are planning to have a single storey extension built next year and have asked him that he builds his wall up to the junction line so that we can then build our wall and cut into it ... Read more >>

Question We currently live in a three bedroom semi and have adjoining drives with a neighbour. We are considering building an extension on our drive and have mentioned this to our neighbour. (who we do get on with as a rule). Upon explaining the plan he stated to us that he intended to object. Upon speaking to our architect he feels that his ... Read more >>

Question We are having a loft conversion in our semi-detached house for which we have obtained a party wall agreement from our neighbour, but the work of the roof has revealed (we’re not surprised) that the roof parapet between our houses is in a very bad state and needs renewing. This wasn't covered in the original plans and specifications we ... Read more >>