Rights of Owners

Question I have issued a Party Wall Notice to my neighbour via a building surveyor. The work is to repair an outbuilding of which two walls of it form the boundary. Initially it was my intention to repair his side at my cost as i was not aware it was a party wall but he wouldn't give me access. On finding it is noted on both our deeds it is a to ... Read more >>

Question Our neighbours have removed 2 panels of fence on a joint boundary (deeds do not state who is responsible/owners) whilst we were on holiday and built 2 metre high block wall in its place without consulting us. We don't want this wall because it's very close to our extension walls. The fence panels allowed 'elbow room' to inspect wall and ... Read more >>

Question My next door neighbours have submitted a planning application for a single storey rear extension along the full width of their property.  We live in terraced ex-council houses; mine is the end of terrace, theirs is in the middle.  They want to use my side access to bring equipment and materials through.  I have no objections to the ... Read more >>

Question We have planning permission to extend our garage to the front and side of our property. The single storey side extension will be approximately one metre wide, within our boundary but approx 1.2 metres from our neighbour’s house.  Both houses are part of an estate built in 1983 and both are piled, as will be the new extension. We are ... Read more >>

Question My next door neighbour door but one is building a garage which comes into contact with my boundary for about 600mm at the very corner (rear) of my back garden, during construction he or his builders have interfered with my fence line which has now left a gap in the fence.  I told him under CDM regs that he had not notified me that he ... Read more >>

Question I recently moved into a terraced property. The neighbour on the right side introduced himself. We established a good relationship. A week later I informed him that I was going to build a single storey extension, he told me he had no problems with this and also told me of the various pitfalls to watch out for.  Three weeks later I invite ... Read more >>

Question My neighbour is planning a roof conversion. We live in newly built terraced house (built in 2010).  I received a letter from the council informing of next door neighbour (from mid terrace house)'s application for insertion of dormer windows and lights in relation to a roof conversion. He didn't mention to us personally anything. Our ... Read more >>

Question If I as a building owner obtain an award from a surveyor against the adjoining owner under the Party Wall Act for him to pay the costs of repairs to a party wall (necessitated by him undermining the wall structure) and the adjoining owner  subsequently sells the land , do I pursue the award with the old owner or does the liability pass ... Read more >>

Question Our neighbours are building a side extension which will butt up to the side of our house and we will not have access to maintain the 2 windows on this side is this anything to do with the party wall agreement? Answer This isn’t anything to do with The Party Wall Act – it is a legal question. Do you currently have access to maintain ... Read more >>

Question I have received notice for excavation and building work under section 6 of the Party Wall Act 1996 from our neighbours. Under the Act I have the right as an  'Adjoining Owner' to be compensated for any loss or damage caused by relevant works. If damage appears on my property after the original 'Building Owner' moves on (i.e. sells the ... Read more >>