Rights of Owners

Question We will be building a rear extension in a semi detached house and have informed the adjoining neighbour of our intention and provided plans. We had hoped to extend the line of junction with the adjoining house to maximise the width of the extension however they have stated they are only happy for us to build up to the boundary and not ... Read more >>

Question I have a 3m party wall between my neighbour and me. The wall is leaning over towards my side very badly. It is out of plum by 16 inches from top to bottom and i am very concerned that it is in danger of collapse. I have spoke to my neighbour about the danger. He said he did not want to contribute towards the cost of rebuilding the wall ... Read more >>

Question We live in a semi-detached cottage and the at the rear the kitchen wall on our side includes a party wall between our 7 year old single storey extension and our neighbours downstairs bathroom.   They have planning permission for a part two storey, part one storey extension. The two storey is proposed to be build directly against the ... Read more >>

Question I own a 1930's semi. My neighbour (who is not attached) removed the guttering from my garage so he could erect a garage. His roof rested on what I think was a party wall (my property had a garage, his didn't, this happened before I bought my property, since then we had  a dispute when he raised the level of his flat roof.  In doing ... Read more >>

Question We live in a detached bungalow for which we have planning permission to build a first floor. I would like to know if the work I am doing falls under the Party Wall Act, and would really appreciate your advice.   Below is some more information:   Right Side To the right of the bungalow, there is already an existing ground floor ... Read more >>

Question I have recently obtained planning permission for a single storey extension to my property at the rear. I am unsure as to whether I need to serve a Party Wall Notice on the adjoining owner. Basically I plan to remove the existing fence between the 2 properties and replace with the extension wall, the outside of which will be flush with ... Read more >>

Question My house is a 16 year old three bed townhouse, second in of a block of four, and set back from my neighbours by approx 1.5m. My neighbours' gas flue is sited at the side of their property discharging into my garden approx 1.04m from my kitchen window and at a height of 2.2m As the kitchen is very small I really need to extend it but I am ... Read more >>

Question Our neighbour is having a fence built along our boundary wall but on her side without submitting a Party Wall Notice to us (Section 1 of the Act, paragraph 20), I have asked the builder to stop building and spoke with the neighbour regarding this but she will not stop.  What are the next steps I can take as the act only covers what ... Read more >>

Question I have just bought a terraced house in Bristol. There is a wall running between my garden and my neighbour's garden. The wall extends out of the wall of the (original) extension of their house. This wall then continues as the shared wall between our houses. I understand that the shared wall is definitely a party wall, but does it cease ... Read more >>

Question My query relates to a garden wall that adjoins a neighbour’s garden.  Our house is some years older than the neighbours' house, and on our original deeds it indicates that the wall is our responsibility (of course, the neighbouring property didn't exist at this time, and is marked on the original deeds simply as “Land of the ... Read more >>