Rights of Owners

Question My neighbour verbally informed me he was having some building work done, and said it was a case of a week of floorboards being taken up, followed by some disturbance as the bathroom was renovated and tiles laid. No party wall notice was served. A week into building work my bathroom ceiling leaked through from the overflow pipe from the ... Read more >>

Question Having read the questions & answers on your website it seems quite clear that I must invoke the Party Wall Act as I will be excavating within 3m of our neighbour's property and below the level of their foundations. However, I would like to ask that is the Act relevant to all buildings such as conservatories, garages etc.? Also ... Read more >>

Question We live in a first floor conversion flat and are having our chimney breast removed from a party wall and are using gallows brackets to secure it. We have checked that the ground floor flat does not have a gas fire below but do we need to serve a notice to the neighbours adjoined via the party wall? Answer Yes, the removal of chimney ... Read more >>

Question We are the leaseholders of a 2 story maisonette of a terraced property composed of 4 storeys. The freeholder is the Local Borough. We are planning to do some work (demolition of an internal partition wall on the lower ground floor) and the structural engineer suggested to put in a beam to bear the load of the above floor and ... Read more >>

Question My neighbour does not want me to build my single storey piled extension.  He seems to think that the planner who saw him when doing the site survey before granting planning consent, inferred that even if planning permission were granted we could not build the extension without going on his land. This is not the case there is plenty of ... Read more >>

Question  I have a semi-detached property of which the adjoining property is and has been derelict for some 25 years. The owners have been in family dispute for some time.  I have over the years improved and developed my property, whilst always ensuring the correct procedures  i.e. party wall notices etc.  I have extended the front of my ... Read more >>

Question My neighbours built an extension and in the process they built a party wall astride the party line. The wall was built that way with our permission and on the condition that they would bear all the costs for the wall, but that the wall once built would become a jointly owned party wall that we could use for any building work in the ... Read more >>

Question In 2004 my neighbour constructed an extension to the rear of our properties and at the time I insisted that the cavity wall of his extension be completely within his boundary. We now wish to build a similar extension and build up to his cavity wall by providing a small 35mm cavity and then a 100mm blockwork wall to provide our internal ... Read more >>

Question We have planning permission for a ground floor extension to our Victorian semi. At the back of the house, and our adjoining neighbour's house, are two small outhouses divided by an existing party wall. Ideally we would like to demolish the existing party wall at the same time as our outhouse and build the new wall for the extension ... Read more >>

Question The bungalow next door has been sold and planning permission has been given for 2 detached bungalows to be built by a developer. On the plans the bungalow nearest to my house appears to be within a couple of inches of the boundary fence (mine) and the gutter of the bungalow appears on the plans to overlap the fence into my property.  ... Read more >>