Question My garden and my neighbours garden is separated by a fence. We are intending to build the wall of our new extension alongside this fence, entirely on our land, without removing the fence. On the neighbours side of the fence, there is garden (not buildings). What section of the Act is applicable? Answer You will need to issue a Line of ... Read more >>

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Question I am planning on restoring, underpinning re-pointing and rebuilding defective brickwork of my detached out building .   I issued my neighbour with a party wall notice and we  received a letter back asking what the party wall notice meant even though we had enclosed a cover letter explaining. We replied with a letter describing the ... Read more >>

Question We are working on a scheme and we are re-roofing our properties. They are semi-detached properties with a private properties next door. We are going to use a bonding gutter on the properties. Do we need to issue a Party Wall Notice? Answer  This is one of those jobs that does technically come within the scope of the Act but for which ... Read more >>

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Question I am about to serve a Party Wall Notice on my neighbour before beginning work on a rear extension which is within the permitted development rules and does not require planning permission.   I have already discussed this with my neighbour who tells me that he will do everything possible to delay the building work and if possible stop it ... Read more >>

Question Three years ago the owner of the house next door drilled through the party wall without giving me notice under the Party Wall etc Act 1996.  He agreed to pay for the damage, but would not agree to stop further drilling into the wall. He stated he was inserting metal rods into the party wall to 'tie' my house to his in case my house ... Read more >>

Question I have a semi attached house and need to extend the kitchen out from the back by 3 metres. The adjoining house has no issues but the house that is not connected to mine has delayed the build from day one. Now that the council has approved the plans he has got himself a party wall surveyor. As the gap is over 30 inches away is this ... Read more >>

Question I have bought a semi-detached Victorian house which needs some refurbishment work done to it and I would like to add a loft room. Therefore to do this I will need to put steels into the party wall and it is my understanding that I need to inform my neighbour that this is happening by sending them a party wall agreement letter. I also ... Read more >>

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Question We have recently been awarded planning permission to build a two storey extension to the side and rear of our property. During the planning process our neighbours objected to us building up to the boundary (not on the boundary) however this objection was not upheld. On hearing that the planning has been passed our neighbour has ... Read more >>

Question We own a semi-detached house and have planning permission to erect a single storey extension to our narrow kitchen.    We originally applied to build the extension to the boundary but the adjoining neighbours objected as it was close to the boundary.    The neighbours had previously built a single story extension 900mm from the ... Read more >>

Question I live in a terrace house and was planning on commencing work on a loft conversion in the next 3-4 weeks so have asked my neighbours to sign a party wall agreement.  One of neighbours as refused to sign this. He has not stated any issue with the actual work I plan to carry out, but has told me he wants to extend his kitchen flush up to ... Read more >>