Question I'm hoping you can advise us on the next steps in our dispute with the next door neighbours as the solicitors involved seemed to be milking us all without any intention of closing the issue down.  Despite having a planning permission to demolish our house, we came to a halt 3 and a half months ago as our next door neighbour took us to ... Read more >>

Question Our neighbours have been given planning permission for a two storey extension on their detached house next to our detached house.  They will be building at about two metres from our house wall and will certainly be having deeper foundations (ours are about 18 inches) . They want to start work immediately but have not given us any notice ... Read more >>

Question I'm not sure if you are able to help but we find ourselves in a  situation that we are finding hard to get a definitive answer on.  We live within an area that is governed by a private land owner - a charitable estate. We are freeholders but instead of being governed by the council in terms of planning permissions etc. we have to ... Read more >>

Question We have reached a rather unfortunate point in our party wall dispute. We are following the requirements of the party-wall act with reference to works we'd like to carry out on the adjoining wall. The work involves removing part of the chimney stack on our side of the wall. A third surveyor is now involved in the dispute. The ... Read more >>

Question If a notice has been served but before the building party has appointed a surveyor, it is withdrawn by the building party, who is liable for the costs of the surveyor appointed by the adjoining owner? Answer It makes a pleasant change to get a nice to get a short question! Unfortunately the answer is not quite so short.  If the ... Read more >>

Question We live in a mid-terrace, and have submitted plans for a kitchen extension. This kitchen extension will go along our neighbour’s wall (he’s already extended his kitchen). In accordance with the party wall act, we sent a letter outlining the works, including a copy of the plans. On the plans, the architects name is shown. It turns out ... Read more >>

Question Planning permission has been granted and work has commenced on the detached property adjoining ours. Although we were aware of the planning application and consent, we were not notified that work would commence. The work so far has entailed removing an old extension which formed the boundary between the two properties, and the next stage ... Read more >>

Question My neighbour issued a Party Wall Line of Junction Notice to build a rear extension on the boundary.  I believe the notice was invalid as there were no plans/drawings provided as well as the proposed date was less that 7 from the date the letter was issued.   We responded stating that we could not sign any agreement, listed some ... Read more >>

Question I live in a Victorian terraced house in London.  My neighbours are proposing to extend their kitchen into their back garden using a party wall recently built by us for a similar extension.  He has not issued me with a notice that this is his intention, but I have been advised by their builder that they intend to start work soon.  ... Read more >>

Question Last August I was doing a loft conversion to my terraced flat and my neighbour requested that we get a party wall drawn up. I suggested one surveyor but he said that he would prefer using another firm of surveyors that he had dealt with for many years. In an effort to speed the process along and keep costs down I agreed to this ... Read more >>