Question Having read the questions & answers on your website it seems quite clear that I must invoke the Party Wall Act as I will be excavating within 3m of our neighbour's property and below the level of their foundations. However, I would like to ask that is the Act relevant to all buildings such as conservatories, garages etc.? Also ... Read more >>

Question My neighbour's loft extension is nearing completion and to date I have not received a Party Wall Award. During the initial stage of the work a hairline crack appeared in my front room wall and this was shown to the operative who I assume caused the damage. I complained to the person responsible and he had offered to get the paperwork ... Read more >>

Question We own a victorian house that is has an original stone party fence wall with the adjoining land - this land, some 15 years ago, was developed into 22 flats.  The factors of the flats have written to us to advice that the party wall is 'bulging' and unsafe and needs to be rebuilt at a cost of £18,000 plus VAT   On our inspection the ... Read more >>

Question We have an old garage next door and have just had a notice of proposed development from the council that the owner wants to knock it down and build a detached three storey house. Fine. We were surprised to get a letter a few days later from a surveying company offering to act on our behalf, almost, but not quite, assuring us that it ... Read more >>

Question I am currently planning a side return extension and have served a party wall notice on my neighbour who has evoked her right to appoint a surveyor.  The problem is that the surveyor has begun by sending a “statutory notice and formal request” document. This says: that my neighbour: Does ‘not accept the validity of the purported ... Read more >>

Question As next door has already started building, we have had a good relationship and he showed me the plan and took me through the high's that i agreed on, thus not objecting to the plans, now a wall has gone up 3ft above the agreed height that is already 7ft high from ground level. I called the planning officer who said that was on his ... Read more >>

Question We live in a terraced property and have been trying unsuccessfully, for over 13 months, to recover repair costs from our adjoining neighbour who started building work unlawfully and caused damage to the party wall in the process. After much pressure and dispute, the necessary Planning Permission and Party Wall notification were ... Read more >>

Question We own a semi detached property which we currently rent out.  Our plans have been approved so we have permission to extend - 120cm along the front, 300cm along the back, and to build over the garage.  We have served party wall act notices to our neighbours - 3m notice to both, line of junction notice to both, and party structure notice ... Read more >>

Question Firstly thank you very much for providing this site, it has proved invaluable over the somewhat turbulent process of sorting out my party walls! I'm now at the end of my development and everything seems to have gone well except one slight issue with one of my adjoining neighbours. I recently added a loft extension to my terraced house ... Read more >>

Question I recently received planning permission to build a rear extension on my terrace house. One of the walls is shared. I have discussed it with my neighbour and they had no issue. However, my neighbours property is owned by the council, so I contacted them to see if they had an issue. They said no. But since that I have had contact from the ... Read more >>