Question Am I correct in thinking that if a neighbour wishes to appoint their own surveyor and not an ‘agreed surveyor’, then I as the person doing the building work have no choice but to accept this, and the neighbour does not need to give a reason? Of course I seem to have the option to agree to use the same surveyor, although if it is one ... Read more >>

Question I have received notice from the Council about my neighbours planned single storey rear extension. Our Victorian houses are adjoining. We fortunately get on well with them. Do I need to appoint a Party Wall Surveyor for my own protection or could we do something less formal? Answer I would suggest that you first ask your neighbour to ... Read more >>

Question I am the property owner who has carried out the works.  My Architect served the PWA letters before commencement (September 2008).  One side signed and the other went in to "dispute". For the dispute, I verbally agreed to use my neighbour's Architect and to pay his fees.  Once the works commenced, I was sent a "draft" PWA via email ... Read more >>

Question I know that my neighbours are going to be as disruptive as possible when it comes to the party wall so I have two questions: Does the agreement stand for all of the works from start to finish i.e. bathrooms, first & second fix or just the work that is to be carried out on the party wall i.e. putting the steal beam into the ... Read more >>

Question Over two years ago, our downstairs neighbours served a party wall notice on us as they were extending under our flat.  The work finally took place and finished about six months ago.  We did sign a basic party wall agreement and their surveyor came and did an inspection of our bathroom, under which the work was to take place. The work ... Read more >>

Question We are planning an extension to our house and the side wall of the extension will lie on the border between our property and the property next door.  We believe we need to service party wall notice for this.  The owners of the house next door will soon be moving out and tenants moving in.  Do we need to serve notice to both owner and ... Read more >>

QuestionMy neighbour is planning to build a basement, I have been asked to sign a notice of consent for special foundations.  I asked my surveyor the difference between foundations, he stated the only difference is special are stronger and I am at no disadvantage by approving this is my neighbours build.  Is this correct ?  If so why would I ... Read more >>

QuestionI am planning a kitchen extension in my terraced cottage and both of my neighbours have requested a surveyor to draw up a party wall award. I understand that i will have to pay for this.The party wall on one side is my existing kitchen wall and my neighbours have butted up a conservatory against it. This wall will be unchanged but i will ... Read more >>

QuestionMy neighbour has started a full renovation of his house including a loft conversation and rear extension. Initially he served me with a notice but did not fully explain the extent of proposed work. The notice mentioned the loft conversion, the extension and apologised for inconvenience.The building owner asked me to sign the notice and ... Read more >>

QuestionI am concerned that my neighbour is planning to lay foundations crossing the boundary with my property and that I have no choice in the matter of workmen entering my property to work on his wall?I can't imagine that he could extend his foundations into my garden, because that would stop me planting flowers or whatever, so I assume that he ... Read more >>