Question Could you advise me what sort of qualifications a party wall surveyor should have? We are "in dispute" with our neighbour but have said we would accept the appointment of an agreed party wall surveyor. My neighbour's builder has suggested the appointment of a local man who called at the house and offered his services. His business card ... Read more >>

Question We have planning permission for a two story extension along the side of our house - the permission is to build right to the boundry. Our neighbours strongly objected to the plans at the planning meeting (although they had previously told us they had no objections) and are very angry that they have been passed. This extension is of a ... Read more >>

Question I live in a mid-terrace house, and am looking to knock out the internal wall that separates the sitting and dining rooms. My structural engineer has advised two options. One is that we can replace the wall with an RSJ which will be supported within the party wall. This is the neatest solution, however my neghbours are causing ... Read more >>

Question My neighbour is building a single story extension down the side of their house and coming off the boundary wall which is ours? They drafted a letter asking us to sign, stating certain things but under advise i was told to insist on a Party wall agreement that will cover both sides and that they were liable for the cost. So reluctantly I ... Read more >>

Question We have a garden wall between our property and the neighbouring property which we believe sits soley on our side of the boundary.  The wall was clearly in place long before the neighbouring property was built and is in dire need of replacement.  When the neighbouring property was built they have built a wall in parts on the other side ... Read more >>

Question Our party wall award called for our builder to dig the foundations in 1.5m bays to ensure the stability of the neighbours extension. The builder, annoyingly and without our consent, did not carry out this and dug it all in one go. On the day concrete was poured our surveyor and the building control officer were present and both signed ... Read more >>

Question Wondering if you think the party wall act applies in the following case. I live in a terraced property. The party wall between two pitch roofs at the rear of the property has been damaged by water intrusion over the winter. The covering screed has cracked and is allowing damp to penetrated the underlying wall and roof space below. The ... Read more >>

Question I was served a party wall notice and consented to my neighbour's works which included building at the line of junction. The works commenced in Oct 09, and remain incomplete at this time. I have suffered inconvenience for the whole of this period which has meant that I am unable to park on my own driveway or access my back garden through ... Read more >>

Question I'm trying to get a loft conversion sorted as I've got a growing family and am looking to put in place a Party Wall Agreement with the neighbour as I need to put scaffolding up from the back yard of their attached property onto a shared wall (they've inherited the house, don't live there, but will be looking to put it on the market ... Read more >>

Question Hoping for some words of wisdom to set me on the right path of action. We are preparing for a loft conversion to our terrace cottage style building, and have written to both neighbours as required by the party wall act.  One of the adjoining owners has specified that a surveyor be appointed to draft an award, to ensure that we are held ... Read more >>